FIT - HR and Payroll 7.4.3 for Windows 10


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FIT - HR and Payroll is an advanced software to maintain all records and payroll. Using the program, you can settle the workers, plan and specify time, make payroll and perform other operations associated with the components of remuneration. FIT - HR and Payroll also allows you to manage and maintain a directory of employees, made statements such as T-4, PIT40, perform various transfers, and export data to ZUSowskiego "Payer" (the declaration of RSA, RCA, DRA, AET, alcoholism, ZIUA, ZWUA). The directory of employees we post all the most important information about working employees - a contract of employment, certificate of employment, disability, and even expose the holidays. The program could not miss a detailed list with customs, tax and social security. FIT - HR and Payroll allow it to clear and statements for any period of time, create monthly and annual records of work time and family support benefits (family allowance, care, etc.). Note: The program is available in the demo version and allows for 14-days free testing instructions to import data into the payer can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.